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20 Years of Service

 The Oregon and SW Washington Fair Contracting Foundation: twenty years serving the public improvement construction industry.

Make no mistake 20 years is a long time. 

For the Foundation, the last 20 years since our inception have been years of phenomenal progress and success.  As a “Labor/Management” compliance organization our philosophy of neutrality, thoroughness, and credibility has enabled the Foundation to build relationships with government enforcement agencies, contracting agencies, contractor associations, as well as Labor organizations. 

Our success and value to the contracting industry can be measured in a number of ways, among them by the shear number of public improvement projects we investigate each year. Our investigations numbered over a thousand during the last ten years, and well over a hundred in 2009. 

Besides conducting investigations we put hundreds of contractors on notice every year that we may conduct investigations.  This has the effect, in many cases, of compelling contractors who are inclined to low-ball bids in the hope of getting away with non-compliance, to revise their bidding practice out of concern that they might be investigated, or drop the bid completely. 

The mere presence of a Prevailing Wage watchdog organization is of great value to the entire industry.

The most tangible measure of our impact on the industry is wage recoveries for workers who have not been paid the correct wages.  Early in 2006, the Foundation exceeded the $5 million dollar mark in wage recoveries for workers.  Since then another $1.8 million has been recovered, with over $500,000 in 2009; not bad for an outfit with just three full time Investigators. 

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